Everyone has a bit of drawn wire from Conflandey at home

Saying from the Haute-Saone region

the wire in your life

From the steel base of your bed to the spokes on your bicycle, from the tyre reinforcement on your car to the closure on your pasta bag, from the spring in your pen to the wire in your surgical mask... All these everyday objects contain a piece of the 15 million kilometers of drawn wire produced in Conflandey every year. Telecommunications system developers also use this high-quality wire as armouring for their submarine fiber optic cables, which are laid around all five continents.

Founded in 1901, the Tréfilerie de Conflandey is a monument to the industrial heritage of the Haut-Saône region. Over the decades, it has survived wars and economic crises and innovated to meet the needs of its 450 customers all around the world. The takeover by the German group Saarstahl in 2006, known worldwide for the quality of its steel production, boosted the company's business on the international market.

Next to its historic plant, Conflandey Industries built a second production facility in Port d'Atelier in 1984. The 300 employees pride themselves on their knowledge, expertise and commitment to their company. As wire drawers from father to son, they pass on their knowledge to the new generation, carrying on a centuries-old tradition.

A century old know-how of high precision

Un savoir-faire centenaire

Every day, 40,000 km of wire are drawn in Conflandey's workshops, a length sufficient to circle the earth. The wire rod, which comes directly from the Saarstahl steelworks, is first drawn and then patented. In this process, which is part and parcel of Conflandey's know-how, the wires are heated to 1000°C and then immersed in a bath of molten lead at 550°C, producing consistent, high quality wire.

The company's employees still rely on this drawing process, which has been in use since 1901. They are constantly trained to expand their skills and develop more than 2,000 different wires for all industries: Automotive, food industry, office equipment, intercontinental connections, health protection, farming, etc. Conflandey has a unique position in the wire industry due to its unprecedented range of specialist products and manufacturing capabilities enabling them to offer a bespoke service in the market.

The quality control department checks the quality of every Conflandey Industries' product on a daily basis. The satisfaction of its many customers is at the core of Conflandey’s business strategy. Committed to protecting the environment, the company from Haute-Saône recycles all its packaging materials, from all five continents. Over the years, its employees have reduced or even eliminated emissions and industrial residues resulting from production.

The company is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, as well as Ecovadis Silver certified in the areas of environment, business ethics, human resources and responsible sourcing.

60,000 tons manufactured each year and exported to 50 countries

Located in the heart of the Saône Valley, Conflandey Industries ships its famous drawn steel wire all over the world. Exports account for 70% of its turnover, about 80 million euros. Its customers operate on all five continents.

Its excellent performance on export markets earned Conflandey the " Grand Prix de l'Exportation " as early as 1978. In the past, the company had also set up factories in China, the USA and Slovakia before moving its production back to Conflandey and Port d'Atelier.

Thanks to its versatility, Conflandey Industries has earned the trust and respect of professionals from all sectors. It adjusts and meets the demands of markets worldwide. Today, 40,000 of the 60,000 tons of steel processed each year are shipped abroad, namely to China, South America, Canada and the USA.


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