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120 years of drawing

Our 40,000 km of wire manufactured every day allow us to offer you 2,000 references to meet all your needs: automotive, food processing, office automation, intercontinental links, health protection, market gardening, etc.

A tradition and more than a century of experience form the basis of a high-performance production of wire that meet very strict technical requirements and whose use has become essential today.

Listening to the customer, having a quality improvement policy through a permanent search for the best technical solutions, these are the axes that stimulate our teams of highly qualified specialists.

Modern facilities, efficient and qualified staff and a quality system that has been proven for years guarantee the fulfillment of the high technical requirements of the products requested.

The Conflandey wire drawing plant is known for its innovative ideas and today we still consider that the continuous improvement of our products and our processes, very often in partnership with our customers and our suppliers, constitutes the essential part of our task.

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