To guarantee completely the quality of our products and taking into consideration our customers' requirements, our activities and process are driven by a general quality system which is orientated to he production process.

Our quality system is certified by TÜV according to the following norm:


The first certification was obtained in June 6th 1997 according to EN ISO 9002. The Quality Department is responsible for planning, coordination, setting and management of the quality system.

Protection of the environment plays a very important part and is a key element in our company's policy. We are constantly improving our production process favouring protection of the environment in:

  • optimising the use of energy
  • optimising the use of consumables
  • diminishing or even suppressing industrial residues and emissions


The same applies for our products, where the final applications do not contribute to an increase in pollution of the environment and which are easily recyclable.

These commitments have been translated by the obtention of the certification of our Environmental Management System, in Febuary 2013, according the reference ISO 14001:2015